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Anti-abuse innovation movement

We are a social movement committed to preventing abuse in innovative ways.


Our mission:


Our mission is to prevent abuse from happening in the future. Together, we form a movement for social change. A movement to create a better future. A movement to #aaimhigher!

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the Problem

Abuse is just as big of a problem as terrorism, and it is happening daily in American homes. 

Extreme forms of abuse are also called “Intimate Partner Terrorism.” Between 2001 and 2012 nearly twice the amount of people were killed in America  by the effects of abuse (11,766) than American soldiers fighting in the war on terrorism (6,488). The American Medical Association has declared abuse as

a public health problem of epidemic proportions." 

The problem of domestic abuse is a world-wide issue of immense proportions. Nearly everyone is effected by it in some way.


1 in 3

Females will experience abuse

at some point in their lifetime. This is a tragedy that needs to be addressed. No longer can we stand idly by and watch these horrors.

1 in 4

men will experience abuse

at some point in their lifetime. This is not just a problem that women experience; men are abused too. Prevention must cross gender, racial, and age boundaries.


people are abused per minute

During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. Abuse is much more than just physical violence and it is happening all too frequently.

our Solution


Discover Self-Worth

Discovering self-worth sparks belief within the individual. With a strong sense of self-worth, abuse seems out of place. This helps everyone understand that no one should be abused. Boundaries can then be identified and lived by.

Boundaries are what we do and do not accept within relationships, in order to protect our sense of self.

understand abuse

Understanding abuse means that individuals can identify red flags and abusive behaviors. In addition, they can define “abuse.” This removes societal misconceptions and allows for clarity when evaluating relationships.

Abuse is when one person hurts another person, either physically or psychologically.


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bring us to your school

Schedule an energetic and interactive presentation about the power within each of us to prevent abuse.

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Volunteer opportunities

To tackle a cause as big as this, we need as many people on board as possible. 

Make a Donation

Every dollar counts! Each penny donated goes directly to the preventing abuse. 



We have four teammates: Sam, Rebekah, Kammy, and Mitchell. We are all design thinkers with a knack for innovation, a disposition to dream big, and a passion for the cause that fuels our potential for excellence.

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